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Taking the step to learn to square dance can be very rewarding in many facets of this unique activity.

The first thing we need to do is dispel the preformed notion that square dancing is what you remember from being taught in grade school when you didn't want to touch anybody' else's hand let alone dance with them!   

The music used and unfortunately, the gym teacher instructor was probably not really able to present square dancing in the best manor.  It is the misunderstanding of this great activity that, unfortunately, most  people have a less than desirable memory of.   Also, most people also relate square dancing with some sort of backwoods hillbilly type activity that doesn't relate to any kind of activity that would relate in todays world. 

Todays modern style square dancing is a sub-culture of people from almost any background coming together to enjoy each others company, dancing to fun music from almost every genre, and enjoying a bit of a challenge of both mind and body.  

Some FAQ's

1. How do I know I would enjoy square dancing?

Answer: If you enjoy other peoples company, or, perhaps looking for some social interaction. Meeting new people and making new friends. Enjoy music. Perhaps looking for some light physical activity that also exercises your brain. All in a clean non- smoking non-drinking environment. Then perhaps you should give square dancing a try.

2. I'm not really a dancer. Why should I try square dancing?

Answer: Square dancing is a very unique style of dance. We always find it amusing that the ladies are usually the ones who literally drag their would be dance partners out to experience square dancing for the first time and after a couple of weeks of involving themselves in the activity it's the men who are more excited and anxious to get to the dance or back to a class which leaves the ladies a bit dumbfounded.  Square dancing involves not only yourself but a team of dancers as well all dancing together. There's laughter, some cutting up, and of course the "square" of those dancing together making it all the way through a dance sequence without making a mistake or laughing about it when there is a mistake made.  

3. Do I have to buy and wear one of those funny outfits?

Answer: No, you don't. Todays square dancer wears what's comfortable. Good shoes of your choosing are desired but as long as the clothing is clean and comfortable you are basically good to go. However, there are those who get involved with square dancing that really enjoy wearing the traditional square dance attire. Some folks even either make or purchase outfits that fit a particular theme, or even match their partner. You will find either, or, or a mix of all types of dress. 

How do I find out more about square dancing and how do I see if I am going to like it?

Answer: The best way to get a taste of square dancing is to attend a beginners session. There is more

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